Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I respect the rights and my obligations regarding the privacy and personal information of my users. This Privacy Policy describes the ways I collect, store, use, and manage the information, including personal information that you provide or I collect in using any of my apps provided on a mobile platform. Please note that the scope of this Policy is limited to information collected or received by me through your use of my apps. I am not responsible for the actions of third party people or companies, the content of their sites, the use of information you provide to them, or any products or services they may offer. As used herein, the term "use" shall mean use, access, play, install, sign into, connect with, download, visit or browse my Sites or Apps. By using the Apps, you are expressing your agreement to this Policy and the processing of your data, including your personal information, in the manner provided in this Policy. You should not use my apps if you do not agree with this Policy.

My apps don't collect any personal data.

My apps may contain third party services, examples of which include Google AdMob, iAd, Game Center, Chartboost, Facebook and Twitter. Such third parties may use cookies, APIs, and SDKs in my apps to enable them to collect and analyze user information. The third parties may have access to information such as your device identifier, Media Access Control ("MAC") address, International Mobile Equipment Identity ("IMEI"), locale (specific location where a given language is spoken), geo-location information, and IP address.

I reserve the right to change this Policy at any time. If I decide to change this Policy, I will post those changes on this page. The changes will be effective when posted. Please check this page on a regular basis so that you remain aware of what information I collect and how I use it.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please leave a comment.